In this article WCC Europe is collecting and sharing any useful initiative that aims to help Ukrainian people, Ukraine craftspeople, and Ukraine crafts sector too. The list of actions will be updated and implemented day by day with new steps that will be taken to help Ukraine. WCC Europe reject the war in all its form and supports any efforts to gain the peace soon.
We ask all members to inform us regarding solidarity actions via email:

Precious Collective’s incredible network of jewellery artists, designers & makers have very generously donated their time and work and are offering to sell their handmade jewellery through the Precious Collective Instagram page. All donations to this fund will support humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions where Ukrainian refugees have fled. GlobalGiving‘s local partners in Ukraine are bringing relief to displaced families and people in high-risk areas, and they need resources to continue and expand their vital work.

As advocates of freedom and democracy, IETM stands in solidarity with Ukraine, its people, its artistic community and our Ukrainian members. Our hearts go out to our Ukrainian colleagues and friends who are fighting for their freedom and for their lives. A united international network, IETM speaks against conflict, injustice and violence, and for dialogue, understanding and peace. Artists at Risk explained what can be done though them and then we had a conversation on what the organisations and artists can do: offer a residence, organise to host refugees artists with a visa of 3 months, offer contracts so they can come, commission work, invite to shows/exhibitions, etc.

Collaboration with UKRAINE Must Be Supported By World Leaders

SIGN THE OPEN LETTER: European artists and cultural organisations are urging world leaders to support civil society so that ETC can continue active collaboration with Ukraine.


ENCC calls on the European sociocultural network to channel support and solidarity towards those suffering from war, and to stand up for dialogue and peace. 

Fill in this short form to let ENCC knows about your initiative. They will share it with the community.

ENCC express both solidarity with their colleagues and all the people in Ukraine, and support to civil society, cultural actors and peace activists in Ukraine, Russia and internationally, as they resist the war. ENCC reiterates that dialogue and diplomacy are the only way forward, together with the creation and maintenance of cultural bridges.


As a public-philanthropic partnership, the Culture of Solidarity Fund is to support cultural initiatives that, in the midst of turmoil and crisis, reinforce European solidarity and the idea of Europe as a shared public space. After five successful European, regional and thematic editions, the Ukraine edition is now open for considering cultural emergency requests and joint European actions to stand with Ukraine. 

Read the Ukraine edition of Culture of Solidarity Fund


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