WCCE is pleased to welcome a new member to our network, from Turkey, the Düzköy Public Education Center!

The center, established in 1992, is a lifelong learning institution affiliated with the Ministry of National Education. Its core purpose is to provide vocational training and skills development through programmes and certificates of competence related to forgotten handicrafts as well as new crafts and product development. Furthermore, it provides opportunities for networking through exhibitions, workshops and conferences in support of local crafts. Through these actions, the center guides young and talented artisans and craftspeople to establish themselves in a professional and entrepreneurial capacity.

Working at the local, regional, national and international levels, the institution shapes culture and education policies and practices and acts as a locomotive in its region to increase opportunities for people to participate in, work in and enjoy arts and culture. The institution, which is active in various countries of the world, aims to introduce Turkish art and culture to the world through numerous social and public projects in accordance with its organisational mission.It works closely with government agencies, diplomatic missions and the media to carry out various projects and initiatives to make this possible. They also provide development opportunities to young and emerging artists, craftsmen and others by sharing knowledge about their work and helping them grow professionally.

Welcome to the WCCE network!




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