To coincide with its quadrennial General Assembly on 9 December 2020 and to celebrate the Crafts Cities Network initiative, WCC International, with support from the British Council, is holding a series of five virtual seminars.

With a panel of international speakers each seminar will be an opportunity to debate and explore the role of craft in contemporary society. The results of which will inform a ‘plan for the future of craft’ at a day conference in March 2021. Register HERE

These events are open to craft organisations, makers, WCC members, British Council MakingFutures partners, educators, NGOs and policy makers from across the globe.
Each seminar will take place 12.00pm – 2.30pm GMT and will be conducted in English. For translation requests please email:

Monday 30 November – The role of craft in crises
From handmade scrubs in the UK to earthquake resistant buildings in Nepal this theme explores the role of craft in crisis response and recovery, and its longer-term contribution to the rehabilitation of disaster-stricken communities.

Speakers include: Rebekah Cheng of Ishniomaki Laboratory, Japan, and Nripal Adhikary founder of ABARI, Nepal

Tuesday 1 December – Craft industry and the circular economy
Although green practices are already imbedded in some craft practices the sector has its own environmental impact to address. How can adopting the principles of the circular economy enable the craft to play an active role in mitigating against worsening global climatic changes?

Speakers include: Prisad Bidapa of Jaipur Craft City, India and Nick Gant, of Community 21, Brighton, England

Wednesday 2 December – Craft, health and well-being
The physical and psychological benefits of craft are increasingly being recognised. From the stress relieving characteristics of everyday making to the medical applications of material skills how can we expand and promote the positive impact of craft on the well-being of societies?

Speakers include: Adil Iqbal of Twilling Tweeds Scotland and Mahraka, Pakistan and Gabriela Martinez Ortiz of Ofiela and Antelmo, Mexico

Monday 7 December – Cosmopolitan-localism
Whilst technical advances and globalisation have expanded the craft sector’s horizons the pandemic has brought about the unprecedented closure of borders, insulating and isolating communities. How might craft organisations operate in this new context?

Speakers include: Dr Britta Kalkreuter, Herriott Watt University, Scotland

Tuesday 8 December- The local ecology of craft
Clusters of craft have strong historical roots in ‘place’ but sustaining these clusters lies in an ecosystem of institutions. From education and training institutions to cultural organisations; and from tourism to community centres how can we support and encourage this eco-system?

Speakers include: Jane Friend of Farnham Craft Town, England and Marlene Stanciu of Kraftmade, Romania

Image credit: Mohanlal Kumar, photo taken by Rashmi Bidasaria



Cultural and Sustainable Tourism Webinar
Crafts Council NL Visiting the Master: Monica Moisin