WCCE organises a yearly Conference, hosted by a different member country with a comprehensive itinerary that connects craftspeople, craft organisations, craft experts and the network on key issues and topics. The annual conference showcases and celebrates craft in the host country to bring the network together to discuss important issues and topics in the sector.

The core goals of the Conference are:

  • To provide an opportunity for WCCE members to network, discuss, share information and knowledge; to visit and experience craft activities in the host country encouraging the identification of trends and understanding the state of the art and appreciation of craft in Europe.
  • To enable the host member to showcase their craft activities and projects, to use the event as a platform to internally promote their work to their funders and government and to inform WCCE members of the specific issues facing their country.

Find out more about the first Annual Conference:

Crafting the Future – Skills for the next generation of craftspeople
hosted by CEARTE at the Museu de Arte Popular in Lisbon on June 29, 2022.