Presidente Regionale Europeo

Elisa Guidi is an Architect, she studied in Florence and in Paris, University of Architecture Paris – La Villette. She graduated with a dissertation concerning “The restoration of historical buildings in France”.

She has worked since 1996 for Artex, Center for Artistic and Traditional Crafts for Tuscany, and has worked on projects concerning the link between artistic crafts and cultural heritage, and restoration of artworks.

In 1999 she became the manager of the Research and Development sector of Artex, developing projects concerning innovation in crafts: shape innovation; market innovation; new formal trends and new consumers’ behavior. Since 2004, Elisa is the General Coordinator of projects for Artex.

Elisa also worked for the University of Florence as a Contract Professor in Conservation of Ancient Building. In 2016, Elisa became a member of the board of the Foundation MIC – International Museum of Ceramics – onlus in Faenza.

Elisa joined the board of WCC Europe in 2015. In September 2020, she was elected President of the World Crafts Council Europe who represent over 30 craft organisations from 20 EU countries.

WCC-Europe Board

Regional European President
Elisa Guidi, Artex- Centre for Artistic & Traditional Handicrafts, Italy

Other board members
Laura Miguel Baumann, Fundesarte, Spain
Marion Poortvliet, Crafts Council Netherlands
Nicky Dewar, Crafts Council UK
Ana Cristina Mendes, CEARTE, Portugal
Elizabeth Miroshnichenko, Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine