Caroline Harrius (Sweden)

Embroidered Vases
High fired, glazed porcelain, cotton thread in two shades of blue
45 cm  x 27 cm
40 cm x 25 cm
46 cm x 27 cm


”My work is about highlighting crafts found in the domestic space, focusing on embroidery and decorative porcelain. In my practice as a ceramicist, I have often been interested in crafts traditionally linked to female making, and how we value it in today’s high-technological society. I have examined my own prejudices, and discovered that the more a tradition or method is linked to women’s history, home and decoration, the lower I’ve valued it. I focus on the objects that rarely have made it all the way to the high arts parlour, but stayed within the domestic space. I examine small unpretentious objects in the home, filled with nostalgia and knowledge; crocheted curtains, embroidered cushions and botanical wallpaper. With my works, I make an attempt to highlight precious and impressive craft objects often left in the home and make this important cultural heritage visible to a new audience. I am doing so combining different methods with my contemporary ceramics, creating new convergences between the crafts.” 

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Price per piece: 4.500€ (est., pieces vary slightly depending on size and how advenced the embroidery is)

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The World Crafts Council Europe (WCCE) is a European network representing nearly 40 craft organisations (members) from over 20 European countries whose main statutory mission is to promote crafts in Europe, by increasing the awareness and appreciation of crafts as an integral part of the cultural, social, and economic well-being of society.

At Contemporania, WCCE is telling a story of contemporary European crafts in a special exhibition section at Palau Pedralbes. The showcase includes works by 11 artists from different European countries, who were selected via an open call, for their demonstration of an exceptional level of craftsmanship and creativity reflecting the current moment and the values of the 2023 European Year of Skills. The featured artists’ work are made in techniques ranging from ceramics, basketry, textile, tapestry to woodwork and glass blowing.



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