Karl Harron, Glass Opaline Artefact | Photo by Peter Rowen. Courtesy of DCCoI


How to Apply

Interested cities are invited to submit their candidatures to the WCC Regional Secretariat with the relevant documentary evidence listed in the Guidelines here: Guidelines of WCC Crafts City Programme 2018 FINAL.

The applications will be considered by an independent panel of craft specialists before the final decision by the WCC Board. Information on the selected creative craft cities will be posted on the WCC website and the regional websites.

For further information please email:

Conditions of the Programme

Designated craft cities must:

  1. provide a contact name and address and website to be used on the WCC International website;
  2. must use the assignation World Crafts Council City for … (followed by the relevant specialism/material etc)
  3. acknowledge the support of the WCC International through the use of its logo on promotional materials, for the duration of the accreditation, by stating that the applicant city is a World Crafts Council Craft City;
  4. submit a report to the WCC International Secretariat on their activities and projects after two and four years of accreditation. If, after two reminders, a city has not provided this report, the WCC Board may invite it to leave the network ; and
  5. the city or region will be expected to work with other WCC designated locations on future projects. This may involve working as a juror on the evaluation committee or assisting in a future WCC project.