The following resources are outcomes from the CRAFTING project and are made available for the public and broader stakeholders. Click the titles to access free download of the content.


TOOLKIT FOR CHANGE: This document provides the craft sector with resources and support to make meaningful change within their organisational structures and craft  programmes to ensure that all makers can engage safely.


GREEN CHARTER: The Charter seeks to reduce the environmental footprint of the project, raise awareness of environmental sustainability, and serve as a catalyst in promoting best practices in sustainable project management.


REPORT ON THE EUROPEAN MARKET FOR CRAFTS: The report examines the European crafts market, estimated to encompass approximately 153 million people and be worth in the region of 50 billion Euros. The study provides a clear profile of crafts consumers and systematic insights from craftspeople/crafts experts, offering an overview of the sector as well as deepening our understanding of the European crafts market.


STUDY INTO THE RESILIENCE OF THE CRAFT SECTOR IN EUROPE: This study, conducted in 2023, highlights how the craft sector responds to challenges and opportunities unique to its situation. Findings highlight the sector’s resilience in the face of economic instability, shifting consumer behaviours and global crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing war in Ukraine and Brexit. The study also identifies growth opportunities with increased interest in handmade, locally produced products as well as legislative changes supporting European crafts. The study reveals that the sector has demonstrated a strong commitment to their craft and a notable ability to adapt to changing circumstances.