We are proud to be leading and implementing as the unique partner the EU Co-Funded project CRAFTING under the CREA-CULT-2021-NET call. The 3 year project started in May 2022 and resides on building capacity with the aim of strengthening and benefitting our network and the broader European craft sector. The project has a transnational scope and its overall ambition is to contribute to upscaling the craft sector reaching a real structuring effect.

CRAFTING – specific objectives

1. To enhance the role of our network as THE representative organisation and voice for Craft in Europe, providing a critical voice, promoting, representing design-led crafts and applied arts at international and political levels advocating on regulatory and policy matters.

2. Generate a structuring effect on the European Craft sector through an enhanced capacity to respond to common (economic, digital, societal and environmental) challenges, nurture talents, innovate, prosper, generate jobs and growth and contribute to urban and rural areas development.

3. To reinforce European arts and crafts’ capacity to be active at the international level strengthening transnational cooperation for the creation, circulation, promotion, and visibility of European works and ensuring the mobility and exchange of ideas; the cultural and economic promotion of the makers and fair remuneration for them.

4. To enhance the capacity of the European Craft sector encouraging the specialised skilling of craft’s professionals and promoting training opportunities in entrepreneurial, digital, financial and management to enable craftspeople to effectively access, make use of, profit from and compete in the market.

5. To highlight and accelerate the important transformative role the European craft sector plays as a driver of sustainability and circular economy, maximising their potential to combat climate change including reducing the environmental impact of their activities.

6. To promote an in-depth knowledge of the specific needs, characteristics, and vulnerabilities of the EU craft sector all along the value chain, through research, mapping with a strong focus on gender equity, diversity, social cohesion; and ongoing and close dialogue with craft stakeholders and other policy sectors (education, youth, science, research and innovation, environment, employment, social affairs, tourism).

During the coming months opportunities for our members as well as for craftspeople and organisations will be announced. 

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