WCCE Supported EACD Events 2024 – Cyprus

Tochka Ceramics
Sustainable Ceramics Seminar
#seminar | 3 Apr 2024, 17.00 CET
Konstantinou Palaiologou 44, Nicosia
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What is responsible clay mining? What factors to consider when purchasing materials for ceramic production? What are practical tips on running a ceramic studio sustainably and what are some inspiring examples of eco-projects around the world? Come join us, when we explore these questions and more!




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Initiated in 2002 by the French government, the European Artistic Craft Days (EACD) are coordinated by the Institut pour les Savoir-Faire Français, formerly INMA. WCCE has awarded grants to organisations all over Europe to take part in the EACD as part of the Crafting project co-funded by the European Union.


Sustainable Ceramics Seminar, photo: Giorgos Paparoditis