WCCE Supported EACD Events 2024 – Hungary

Association of Hungarian Folk Artists / Népművészeti Egyesületek Szövetsége
Tradition for the future
#children’s workshop | 6-7 Apr 2024, 10.00-19.00 CET
Stefánia road 2, Budapest
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Craft children’s workshops will provide a fun way to learn about motifs and patterns of the different regions and handicrafts. The children will be able to try games based on folk traditions, suitable for both individual development and craft activities, as well as create small objects using traditional craft techniques.

Keresztury Dezső Municipial Cultural Center, Gébárti Regional Folk Crafts House
The house is alive, the days of the Gébárti open workshop galleries
#children’s workshop | 6-7 Apr 2024, 14.00-18.00 CET
Gébárti sétány 1., Zalaegerszeg Zalaegerszeg
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During the two days, you can learn about landscape embroidery, furniture painting, candle dipping, beading and related exhibitions, as well as take part in a folk dance show and a dance hall. 


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Initiated in 2002 by the French government, the European Artistic Craft Days (EACD) are coordinated by the Institut pour les Savoir-Faire Français, formerly INMA. WCCE has awarded grants to organisations all over Europe to take part in the EACD as part of the Crafting project co-funded by the European Union.


Tradition for the future Children workshop, photo: Association of Hungarian Folk Artists / Népművészeti Egyesületek Szövetsége