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Objetos con Vidrio
GLASS Artist Open Studio Barcelona
#EACD week 2-7 Apr 2024
Around Barcelona
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Art, crafts and design from the hand of its creators and professionals. Barcelona (Spain) opens the door to a selection of artistic glass workshops as a creative space with various activities, like talks, demos and workshops that offer the visitors a glimpse of the local artistic fabric. The events vary in schedule, have limited capacity and in some cases require prior reservation. We recommend that you contact the workshops you want to visit to reserve your place!


MAVA, Fundesarte & WCCE
FUSION 2024  – Biennial of Contemporary Glass Jewellery
#exhibition 3 Apr 2024, 12.00 CET
MAVA – Museo de Arte en Vidrio de Alcorcón, Av. los Castillos, 28925 Alcorcón, Madrid
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FUSION 2024 – Biennial of Contemporary Glass Jewellery brings a representative sample of contemporary European glass jewellery creators together in a single exhibition – 30 creators from almost 20 different countries and over 60 pieces. FUSION 2024 promises an insight into the diverse approaches used within contemporary glass jewellery design!



Maestro Artesano Relojero
Dando Vida al Tiempo: Así funciona un Reloj │Giving Life to Time: How a Watch Works
#live demonstration 6 Apr 2024, 11.00 CET
Calle Santo Domingo 12, Cádiz
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Step into the fascinating universe of clock making – where history and mastery meet! Discover the intricate workings of a clock and the hidden secrets that lie inside this wonderful and ancient machine.


Asociación Cultural Mercado Ecológico y Artesano
Esencia Artesana │ Essence of Artisans
#open day 7 Apr 2024, different times for various activities
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94 participatory artisan workshops on 44 different locations!


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Initiated in 2002 by the French government, the European Artistic Craft Days (EACD) are coordinated by the Institut pour les Savoir-Faire Français, formerly INMA. WCCE has awarded grants to organisations all over Europe to take part in the EACD as part of the Crafting project co-funded by the European Union.


FUSION 2024, photo: Nuria Torrente Piqueras: Our Lady of Menopause (La Calurosa)