The Crafting Europe project is coming to an end, and to pull the strings of the path that has animated the European artisan community for three years, the Crafts Council Nederlands, together with the other project partners including Artex, organized a final conference and a exhibition of prototypes during Dutch Design Week.

Crafting Europe Conference – “Crafts and Digital Techniques” 24th October 2022,10AM-6PM CEST

Mon, 24 October 2022, 10:00 – 18:00 CEST

Location: Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (invite only)

Online streaming available for everyone

An investigation into the value that digital techniques offer crafts and vice versa; exploring artistic, technical, and social values by crossing borders.

With Lonneke Gordijn (Studio DRIFT), Aliki van der Kruijs & Jos Klarenbeek and iAtelier participants from eight different countries.
What does digital integration mean for professional craft practice? Mastering software takes time, just like mastering a traditional craft does. Should we update the concept of craft and the craftsman, or should we see craftsmanship as something that is always evolving and, with the help of high-tech tools, central to society?
Through research and the work of makers, we try to find answers and inspiration. The works presented have been created by participants from eight countries in the four-year cooperation programme Crafting Europe: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Georgia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and the Netherlands.

Exhibition of iAtelier during the Dutch Design Week- October 22-30 in Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week 2022
October 22 – 30
NUL ZES | Gasfabriek 3A, Eindhoven

Crafting Europe designed iAtelier, a program of activities that combines new digital fabrication technologies and craft practices. iAtelier connects makers with digital experts. By coming together, the digital experts and craft makers exchange knowledge, offer each other new lenses through which to look at the world, and create a range of products that fuse traditional and digital methodologies.

Practical experimentation is key to the making process, which constantly switches between the hand, the digital and sometimes the virtual. This allows conversations to ignite and new ideas to blossom. It is important to understand that digital fabrication technologies do not replace traditional methods but act as additional tools that elevate them. The encounter between digital and craft technology is not yet obvious, however bridging this unexplored gap offers artistic and technical opportunities that provoke innovative thinking and making.

Partners: Design and Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) Ireland | Artex Italy | Crafts Council (CCUK) United Kingdom | Limerick Institute of Technology Ireland | CEARTE Portugal | EOI-Fundesarte Spain | Crafts Council Nederland (CCNL) Netherlands | Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine Ukraine | Georgian Arts and Culture Centre (GACC) Georgia

Exhibition organisation: Crafts Council Nederland

Exhibition design: Studio Jeroen van Veluw

Graphic design: Daniël Maarleveld

Presenting: Adriana Fernandes, Agostino Branca, Amandine David, Ana Japaridze, Anita Michaluszko, Antonio Dominguez, Aram Hartsuyker, Banita Mistry, Bianca Koevoets, Charly Blackburn, Claire Haley, Claire Malone, Daniel Leal, Daniël Maarleveld, Deborah Miranda, Donato Romito, Duggie Dundas, Elise Gustilo, Elke Westen, Esmé Hofman, Esperança Santos, Estela Ribeiro de Melo, Eva Van Kempen, Flavia Bon, Franco Cicerchia, Giulia Giovannini, Isabel Aldim, Jessie White, João Ferreira, Joe Geehan, Kate O’Kelly, Kelly Begiazi, Laura Biagini, Lisa Forte, Lorenzo Masini, Maria Camba Gutiérrez, Maria Helena Guerreiro, Maria Letizia Longo, Maria Pereira, Mariam Akhvlediani, Mariam Syed, Mariana Costa e Silva, Mariana Piñar Castellano, Marina Valls, Marius Stanasel, Marta Alaminos, Martine van ’t Hul, Matassi Sulakauri, Max Voytenko, Ming Design Studio, Nino Kopaladze, Pedro Aguiar, Raquel Peres, Rosa Navarro, Séan McKenna, Sergii Horban, Sergio Buonocore, Silvia Piantini, Studio Ceramico Giusti, Teona Gorgiashvili, Tiziana Chiara, Tom Dalton, Tusheeta David, Valeria Giovanniello, Valerio Salvadori, Victor Caço, Warren Hayes, Yevgen Melnychenko, Yolanda Sánchez Pérez & Yuliia Yalanzhi.

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