From 20 to 28 October, Crafts Council Nederland presents HOW & WOW – Studio at Dutch Design Week 2018

Crafts Council Nederland shows the studio of the new maker: the workshop as a gallery and as a lab. In the studio things are made, produced and invented. Experiments, prototypes, end products, materials and inspiration are presented.

They ask maker-designers, companies and craftsmen to symbolically move their studio or workshop to VEEM, to work here and show their ‘making of’ to the visitors.

Dutch Design Week 2018
HOW&WOW – Studio
20 – 28 October
Veem, Eindhoven

Agustina Bottoni
Astrid Luglio
Babs van den Thillart
Boris de Beijer 
Christa van der Meer & Gino Anthonisse – Das Leben am Haverkamp
Christine Jetten
Daan Veerman 
De Ploeg
EE Exclusives
Emma Wessel
Joana Schneider 
Lio de Bruin 
Makers Unite  
Making and Metal
Sara Ricciardi
Tamara Verbruggen

Curious what they will show? Check it out here!


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