Welcome: From Souvenir to Experience

Date: Tuesday, 11 and Wednesday, 12 May 2021

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The Professional Crafts Conference is designed to generate a platform for reflection and discussion on crafts, as established by the Strategic Crafts Plan promoted by the Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM). A meeting point where resources, tools, values, and experiences can be shared, strengthening the sector and encouraging the exchange of ideas and synergies between diverse creative and productive stakeholders.

The conference will address current topics to help update the sector and reinforce its professional standing and influence. With this objective in mind, the second edition of this event will focus on one of the areas where the artisan sector can play a major and competitive role: creative and experiential tourism.

The pandemic has clearly paralysed tourism worldwide, as well as all related activities. However, a renewed, improved, higher-quality tourism can be resumed in the not-too-distant future. Which makes it a good time for artisan workshops to prepare themselves for a different type of tourism to come, with visitors interested more in the experience than the product. And even though international tourism is still restricted, this is an excellent opportunity to prepare for it while attracting local tourists as well.

Creative tourism, the new generation of cultural tourism, is based on the interaction between tourists and local creatives through an artistic and creative activity. A sector in full expansion that attracts more and more followers worldwide who are keen to participate in an activity that allows them to discover the culture of their destination while sharing a unique experience with local creators.

That is why, under the framework of the second edition of the Conference, we will analyse creative tourism’s potential, discuss the guidelines and learn about the ways to turn crafts into an active and attractive element for visitors seeking creative tourism experiences in our region.

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