Photo: Népművészeti Egyesületek Szövetsége /NESZ


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Our network of nearly 40 organisations across 23 countries has been recently joined by two new members!

We are delighted to welcome The Association of Hungarian Folk Artists (Népművészeti Egyesületek Szövetsége /NESZ) and The Artists’ Association of Sweden (Konstnärernas Riksorganisation)



Konstnärernas Riksorganisation
The Artists’ Association of Sweden (Konstnärernas Riksorganisation) represents more than 3,500 professional visual artists, craft artists, and designers in Sweden. The organisation was founded in 1937 to represent Swedish visual artists in political issues concerning art and artists’ financial and social situations. The organisation works locally and regionally, as well as nationally and internationally. The Artists’ Association of Sweden is engaged in negotiations and/or collaborations with institutions such as the Swedish Parliament and the Government, authorities, institutions, universities and colleges, local authorities, the business community, and national and international cultural organisations. More>>



Népművészeti Egyesületek Szövetsége /NESZ
The Association of Hungarian Folk Artists, consisting of 65 Member Associations and nearly 4500 craftsmen, has a 42-year history of promoting traditional Hungarian folk crafts across the Carpathian Basin. It supports the preservation and transmission of Hungarian handicraft culture, providing professional advocacy, organising events, exhibitions, and the annual Festival of Folk Arts. The Association and the festival were inscribed on the National Register of Good Safeguarding Practices of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage as a model of transmitting folk arts and crafts professional skills within the Association of Hungarian Folk Artists. More>>




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