The new edition of De Mains De Maitres Luxembourg  Viv(r)e la matière will run from 20th to 28th of November. From ceramics to glass, through textile sculpture, concrete and cardboard work, woodwork, haute couture, engraving… nearly 70 of them living and/or working in Luxembourg are offering us the opportunity to discover an ephemeral and unprecedented collection of rare and precious objects. Extending this selection of very high quality work, some thirty invited craftsmen from neighbouring countries, Belgium (the country of honour in 2021), France and Germany, will also present their latest creations.

Trades of yesterday and tomorrow

Transmission and training are also particularly in the spotlight this year with the presentation of creations by students from four major European schools of applied arts, all of which still have production workshops: La Cambre (Brussels), the HEAR (Strasbourg), the textile section of the Hochschule of Trèves and the ECAL (Lausanne).

A journey through the city

Since its second edition in 2018, the Fine Contemporary Craft Biennale has also ventured outside the walls of 19Liberté into the city’s various museums, art centres and other unusual sites. This year, like an open snapshot of creation and craft production in Luxembourg and Europe, more than a dozen places will host arts and crafts, following the route of the new tramway from near or far.

Dates – Agenda

20-28/11: Ouverture au public / public opening

29/11:Journée réservée aux lycéens (sur réservation) /
Day reserved for high school students (by reservation)

Horaires / Opening hours : 10:00-18:30
Nocturne / Night openning > 21:00, 26/11

Commissaire général / Curator : Jean-Marc Dimanche

For more information and for the list of selected exhibitors visit the website:

19, Avenue de la Liberté
L- 1931 Luxembourg

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