On 6-9 October, Sweden’s largest event for contemporary crafts takes place. Four days bursting with new talent and established heavyweights in the field. This year, textile and metal stand out as materials and the programme is also more social than ever: Social Clubs, workshops, interactive performance, After Craft, bus tours with the Craft Tour, along with lots of openings and mingling.
This year we see clearly how important it is to create space for contemporary crafts. Stockholm Craft Week opens up so many new initiatives and conversations that wouldn’t happen anywhere else. We are proud to have internationally established heavyweights, alongside recent graduates in several locations around Stockholm. The programme is upbeat, cheeky, professional, fun and political, just like contemporary Swedish crafts“, says Maj Sandell, CEO, Swedish Crafts Centre Konsthantverkscentrum.
Stockholm Craft Week is organised by the Swedish Crafts Centre, Svensk Form and Konsthantverkarna and since its inception in 2019 has established itself as one of the most interesting cultural events in Sweden. With 65 co-producers involving over 300 craft artists, Stockholm Craft Week puts vibrant, contemporary crafts on the agenda.
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