On September 16th, the exhibition Young Collection 2022 was opened in the Handwerksform Hannover, Germany. The exhibition presents a collection of works by young artisans, on show to the public from 17 September to 15 October 2022.
The Hanover Chamber of Crafts has provided prize money of 1,000 Euros which was awarded to two participants: jewelry artist and designer Jil Köhn from Hildesheim, (www.jilkoehn.com) and the product designer (ceramics) Laura Niemeier from Bremen (www.ploettjegood.de).
The aim of the competition is to encourage young artisans who dare to take their first steps into an independent existence. Above all, they need good opportunities to show their work to an interested audience. That is why the German Crafts Council has launched this new competition, which is now being held for the first time and will then be repeated every three years.

Watch an overview of the exhibition collection here.

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