On June 9-12, we could enjoy the long-awaited debut of the New European Bauhaus Festival. The event marked the result of year-long coordinated work of a huge number of professionals from all corners of the world. The festival consisted of three parts, including the Forum and the Exhibition. The debut place was Brussels and surroundings.

For four days, the Belgian capital was turned into a creative space, uniting generations, embodying the most daring ideas, creating together a beautiful, sustainable future.

High-level politicians like President Ursula von der Leyen, Commissioners Johannes Hahn, Mariya Gabriel, Elisa Ferreira and Kadri dived into an atmosphere of casual conversations with representatives of culture and creative industries, with craftspeople, inventors, innovators, community leaders and urban activists. WCCE delegates were also present.

A side event of the Forum was a Fair highlighting NEB-style projects, showcasing e.g. local citizen labs to pioneer research funded by EU programmes. 100 projects were selected for display at NEB, both on fixed and mobile supports.

The Festival was a celebration emphasizing NEB for everyone. A diverse program appealed to various audiences, with dance, installations, theatre, and music performances, as well as scientific experiments, upcycling workshops, and much more. Artists and culture professionals were among the participants of the Forum.

Four days long, over 200 NEB side events were staged all across Europe.

Side events, organised by the NEB community in 25 countries included discussions about renewable resources, innovative technologies, urban farming, the evolution of buildings, and climate-friendly mobility. The program was accompanied by concerts, ideas labs and exhibitions and all that was co-created together.

The report is written by Elizabeth Miroshnichenko, former board member of WCC Europe.

Discover more on NEB Festival here: new-european-bauhaus-festival.eu

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