KulturSápmi is a meeting place for the cultural and artistic field in Sápmi to discuss current teams, work in progresses and so forth.

The main objective is to build crossborder networks, develop the culturalfield as one field and motivate more cooperation.
The first KulturSámpi is to be held in Kiruna 16–17th of October 2019. Collaborative partners are The Sami parliaments, Innovation Norway and Giron Sámi teáhter.

KulturSápmi is a non-politicla conference and we invite everyone who works with culture in Sapmi to bring input to the conference program: exciting art in progresses, current topics or what do you need more knowledge about?

The conference will be arranged annually and will travel within Sapmi’s borders. Next year, The Sami Parliament Sweden will host the conference on the Swedish side. In 2021 The Sami Parliament Norway and 2022 The Sami Parliament Finland.

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