The European Artistic Craft Days (EACD) 2024 will take place between 2-7 April 2024 under the theme “Little Fingers, Expert Hands”.



Initiated in 2002 by the French government, the European Artistic Craft Days (EACD) are coordinated by the Institut National des Métiers d’Art (INMA). Due to their success in France, they now take place across Europe and offer a chance to showcase craftsmanship and living heritage.

During a week in early spring, workshops open their doors, demonstrations are held, and training schools welcome visitors. This major international event is dedicated to celebrating crafts, engaging an audience of more than 1 million people and hosting over 10,000 events in 24 countries. Free activities throughout the week, including open workshops, live demonstrations, children’s activities, fairs, exhibitions and ‘Exceptional Rendezvous’ – exclusive visits to usually inaccessible heritage sites-, bring visitors closer to the sphere of crafts creation. Seven days around crafts, in which artisans, craft associations, museums, training sites, etc. who wish to show their creations and share their work procedures with the public are invited to participate.

Building on previous years, the upcoming edition of EACD will continue its tradition of emphasising specific countries, with this year’s focus on Portugal and its rich heritage of craftsmanship within the broader European context.



As part of the ‘CRAFTING’ project, the World Crafts Council Europe (WCCE) invites organisations and other entities working for the crafts sector around Europe to participate in the EACD 2024.

WCCE offers a grant of 500€ to host the activities during the EACD. While the grants will be allocated on a first come first served basis, the selection process will consider above all the quality, impact and originality of each application. The activities should bring the secrets of the work of luthiers, jewellers, potters, lace makers, blacksmiths, weavers and all kinds of craft trades closer to the public and spread their enormous richness and uniqueness.

Activities may include fairs, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, open days, live demonstrations, workshops, museum visits or ‘Exceptional Rendezvous’.

Application deadline: 1 March 2024, limited grants available, awarded on a first-come, first-served basis with the consideration of the quality and impact of applications



  1. The applicant must have a link with the crafts sector, such as being a public or private entity in the sector, training centre, association, museum, etc.
  2. Commit to actively participate in this event and offer activities to promote the crafts sector.
  3. Not asking for further financial contributions from the participants.
  4. Respect the opening dates and times communicated in the program.
  5. Use the communication elements provided.
  6. Participants are required to complete an evaluation form provided by WCCE, within two weeks of completing the activity.
  7. Participants should actively communicate the supported activities with EACD, WCCE + EU co-funding visuals as well as communicate supported activities and outcomes through their communication channels by tagging WCCE and EACD and / or using the following hashtags: #wcceurope #JEMA2024 #EACD2024 #WCCEcrafting #littlefingersexperthands



  • Applications are open from 8 January to 1 March 2024.
  • Grants will be awarded on a first come first served basis, however the selection process will consider above all the quality, impact and originality of each application. There are 40 grants available for the EACD 2024 edition.
  • Successful applicants will be duly informed and asked for banking details, provided with a communication package etc.

Even if you do not receive the grant, applicants are still very warmly welcome to participate in EACD2024, and the applied events can be a part of the global program of EACD2024. 

All participants, whether with or without a grant, will be redirected to INMA, EACD coordinator, for inclusion in the global program. We want to ensure that everyone’s participation is acknowledged!

To apply, interested applicants are invited to fill out this application FORM>>



2-7 April 2024
European Artistic Craft Days 2024: Little Fingers, Expert Hands

The eighteenth edition of the European Artistic Crafts Days centres around the theme «Little fingers, expert hands,» encouraging children, families, and students to explore fine crafts throughout a week-long event. This hands-on experience connects inexperienced visitors with skilled craftspeople, enriching their senses with high-quality creations. The encounter aims to inspire interest, create vocations and is also meant to educate the public about the duration of creation, its impact and the importance of responsible consumption. More>>



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