The Global Eco Artisan Awards is an international platform which recognizes artistic excellence, visualizes endangered crafts, and glorifies eco-friendly cultural practices of the artisans in the world. Generating solidarity across craft communities and empowering the women craft makers by valuing their skills makes it a one of its kind initiative.

This award has 4 categories: textile, jewellery, décor, and endangered craft. ‘Resurgence’ is the guiding theme to use for the 2022 submissions for textile, jewelry and decor categories. Resurgence, rising again into life. Let your mind and hands explore ideas around recovery of mind and spirit where there is rebirth within and all around, re-emergence of hope and belief. Let your craft explore ideas around recovery from setbacks; materializing the journey of empowerment, and celebrating the re-emergence of light. We welcome you to explore multiple techniques or let your core practice bloom. Through a central message  of renaissance, imagine the narratives that could be highlighted from the past, present or future helping us rethink about our ways of caring. 

Interested applicants may apply till August 14th as an individual artisan or group of artisans. A social enterprise or non-profit can help to apply for the artisans. The cash prize and other related opportunities will go to the artisan/s.  Entries should include as much detail as possible, including images of all sides of the product with details of what material is used in its making.

Products submitted as entries to the competition must be available for shipping. The finalists in textile, jewellery, and decor will be requested to ship the products for quality check and Jury selection.

After all the submissions have been finalized, the jury will start the process of the official selection. The first level of screening will be based on all the images and write-ups submitted by applicants. This process is to select the qualified entries and prepare them for the finalist jury voting. From the semifinalist the finalists will be selected as 5 for handweaved, 5 for surface decor, 5 for jewellery and 5 in decor.

Upon selection, all finalists have to submit physical products. The jury panel consisting of leading professionals of each category of design, fashion and sustainability movement will assess the entries and vote on the finalists and winners of the competition. The Jury will select the winners based on the following criteria:

  • Design & Aesthetics and application (20%) Think bold, be inspiring, be original. Use the theme as a guiding philosophy which you can connect to your design and explain the vision. Think of how the design can be applied to make a finished product such as clothing, bags, home decor and so forth
  • Technique (30%). Present your master skills, the unique approach to your process that will wow the judges
  • Craftsmanship, Quality & Finish (25%). No idea is at its optimum without great artistry, quality and fine finish
  • Materials & process demonstrating adoption of sustainable practices (25%). We place great emphasis on responsible sourcing, eco-friendly materials, low waste of materials and energy. Be innovative, challenge yourself to be the impact creatives leading the world with an example of how to create in a conscious manner.

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