Crafts in the Digital Age: Mastering Innovation and Sustainability

Are you a craft practitioner and want to explore the intersections of traditional crafts making and cutting-edge digital technologies? WCCE, in collaboration with the Distributed Design Platform, invites you to participate in the second edition of this transformative learning experience.

Program Overview

Duration: Two months, from February to March 2024.
Format: Online masterclasses and collaborative working sessions with 12 thematic capsules containing 8 workshops
Hosts: Expert facilitators from the Distributed Design Platform and the Fab Lab Network, including Teresa Georgallis, Stefanie Edelhofer, Davide Onestini, Secil Afsar, Annah-Ololade Sangosanya, Mónica Rikić and more

Course Outcomes
By participating in this program, you can expect to achieve the following:
1. Integrate cutting-edge digital technologies into your craft practice.
2. Develop collaborative opportunities, stimulate innovation, and enhance product development.
3. Engage with and inspire the next generation of craft practitioners, including recent graduates, craft startups, and craft design SMEs.
4. Embrace new technologies to enrich traditional craftsmanship.

About the Course
The entire learning will be provided online. A classroom containing the relevant instructions, content, and external resources will be provided by the organisers and specific online training methodology and technical support will be provided by Fab Lab Barcelona and the Distributed Design Platform.
The program will feature a structured curriculum, including inspirational talks, hands-on training in digital tools, networking and peer learning, video workshops, one-on-one expert sessions, and a final presentation session. Participants will receive a (non-accredited) certificate of attendance.

Who Can Apply
Craft practitioners at all levels of experience. No prior knowledge is required.

Application Deadline
26 November 2023

Maximum Participants

A full overview of the programme and structure can be found here ←
(Kindly note that the programme details are subject to change)

Call launch: 5 Oct 2023
Call closes: 26 November 2023
Communication of successful candidates: 15 Dec 2023
Training starts: 1 Feb 2024
Training ends: 14 Mar 2024
Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your craft horizons and be part of a vibrant community of craft innovators.
Join us in the Digital Training Programme 2024!


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The programme is part of «Crafting» project co-funded by the European Union as part of Creative Europe programme.




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