The VII Contemporary Goldsmith Show, organized by the Association of Contemporary Goldsmithing and Jewelry (AdOC) and the Spanish National Museum of Decorative Arts, will be held from January 27th to March 12th, 2023, at the same time as ARCO the well-known international Art Fair of Madrid, as well as the Madrid Design Festival.

The VII Contemporary Goldsmith Show has an international nature, allowing contemporary goldsmiths and jewel designers from every nationality to participate. Artists may submit up to 5 separate finished artworks (or a collection of pieces belonging to a set). The Jury will select a maximum of 3 pieces by each designer to be exhibited, corresponding to the categories of Contemporary Goldsmith and/or Jewelry. All pieces must be singular or limited series and all materials are acceptable but at least 25% must be made or plated in fine metals.

The selected pieces will be exhibited at the National Museum of Decorative Arts, the main venue of the show, and a selection of other museums in the city, specialized Theme Spaces and Itinerant Sees will take place with singular exhibitions in some of the main museums in Madrid, completing a tour around the city.

The balance of the last edition was very positive, as it managed to bring together a total of 46,767 visitors interested in contemporary goldsmithing, who toured the different venues throughout the Spanish capital, leading an open and plural platform in which works by 41 designers from 17 countries, seeking to promote and vindicate contemporary goldsmithing.

Application deadline is September 13th. More info here.



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