The World Crafts Council Europe (WCCE) is a European network representing nearly 40 craft organisations (members) from more than 20 European countries whose main statutory mission is to promote crafts in Europe, by increasing the awareness and appreciation of crafts as an integral part of the cultural, social, and economic well-being of society. WCCE is leading and implementing as the unique partner the project CRAFTING funded under the CREA-CULT-2021-NET call.
CRAFTING resides on building capacity with the aim of strengthening and benefitting WCCE and the broader European craft sector. The project has a transnational scope and its overall ambition is to contribute to upscaling the craft sector reaching a real structuring effect.

This business training programme responds to the skills gaps identified in the Crafting Europe project and will focus on European craftspeople and craft enterprises from various industries that wish to develop their craft business and turn it into a major source of profit.
This programme is for creative enterprises, targeting design and craft businesses that wish to expand their boundaries with regard to product development and branding, with the aim of:
Bringing business planning and acumen to craft and design enterprises.
Addressing all areas of product and business development through the programme.
Achieving objectives through permanent workshops and mentoring to enable the addressee to effectively trade on a global basis.
Participants being able to increase results, will market share and expand to other markets.


The service to be contracted is the creation and implementation of an online business training programme for craft professionals that includes:

  • 1 introductory session – recorded and shared
  • 8 workshops – all recorded and shared
  • 1 final session (including analysis of results) – recorded and shared
  • 2 one-to-one mentoring sessions

The entire learning will be provided via Zoom (or another digital platform). An online Drive or similar tool containing the relevant instructions, content, and external resources will be provided by the organisers.

The topics of the course should provide the participants with the grounds to improve their competitiveness and could include topics related to: business structure and growth, selling and financial management, marketing and communication.

In the process and because of training, the trainee will produce an ambitious 3-year Business Plan with clear milestones for growth and development, aimed at an effective management system for their own business or project, using a systemic approach to solving managerial and production problems.

Participants will be craft professionals, makers, leaders of craft organisations and similar profiles. 33%+ of participants are expected to be early career professional makers or emerging makers. WCCE will be responsible for recruiting and selecting the 30 programme participants in consultation with the contracted programme facilitators. We anticipate participants coming from across Europe.

The provider of the service will be responsible for the implementation and dissemination of the programme and its content.

The deliverables will be:
Training programme (including description, aims, detailed programme, facilitators profiles).
Recordings of the online sessions or main learnings to be disseminated by WCCE for the public to view free of charge online
Reporting requirements (engagement of participants).


Expert consultants will be contracted to collate and elaborate on the information described above.

The successful bidder must carry out its tasks through a stable, multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in carrying out projects similar to the one offered and in line with the timeline described below.

Available funds are 20,000 EUR. Payment terms will be 50% pre-finance and then 50% after the training is delivered.


WCCE Secretariat will be supervising the implementation of the work.

The timeline is as follows:
21 November – 21 December 2023: Call for proposals
3 January 2024: Selection process
23 February 2024: Confirmation of the programme (workshops dates + facilitators)
4 March – 1 April 2024: Call for participants
8 April 2024: Participants confirmation
6 May – 28 June: Training
12 July: Deadline for submitting business plan and feedback survey
30 July: Final report


Send an email to with the following information, before December 20th midnight:

Contact details of the company / consultant

Proposal of services including (in one single document):
Training programme, including methodological proposal
References of previous works
Budget proposal
CV’s of the facilitators

The bid must demonstrate adequate conceptual, methodological, and technical mastery for the execution of the contract and reflect proven technical capacity to meet the work requirements and for the achievement of the objectives set.

WCCE Secretariat will inform the bidders about the results within 3 weeks after the submission deadline.


The selection criteria will be based on a points system, taking into account: proposed programme, budget and prior experience.

Applications must be able to demonstrate prior relevant experience in the successful execution and delivery of equivalent projects.



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