As part of WCCE’s 40th anniversary celebrations, we are curating an online exhibition of images on the theme of craft that we want all of our members to participate in! This online gallery of images will be sent to embassies and organisations across Europe to promote craft and the year.

Please send 10 high resolution images, that you feel represents the best of craft in your country to Shauna at by 30th November 2019.

Because the images must be usable for publication and web display, we ask that files be formatted as follows.

All files must be
– Submitted in a digital format,
– Of good quality e.g. of sufficient resolution to distinguish features, in focus, and contain a clear subject with no unnecessary background,
– In a .jpg file format,
– Scan resolution should be at least 300 dpi to ensure good quality reproduction,
– All images must be properly captioned and photographer credited.

Please upload images

WCCE Images Submission Form

    By submitting photographs to the World Crafts Council Europe you are agreeing to the following terms. You are agreeing that the image can be used by the World Crafts Council Europe on a royalty-free basis, for non-commercial uses and media, You are agreeing that images may be cropped, You represent that you either own all rights in the image, or have permission from its rightful owner(s), necessary for you to permit such image uses, If any persons are identifiable in the images, you warrant that you have written authorisation from the subjects for the use of their likenesses, Images may appear in media and where possible will be accompanied by the designated credit information.
  • Déposer les fichiers ici ou
    Types de fichiers acceptés : jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, mov, mp4, Taille max. des fichiers : 20 MB.

    You can also promote any events and activities you have planned for 2019 under the ‘WCC Europe 40th’ banner and reach more audiences through the World Crafts Council website.

    Highlight your programme of events using #wcceurope40 and integrate your activities into a larger European network. We will be sharing our new press pack for the celebrations in February 2019, making it easier than ever to spread the word. The pack will include our new WCCE 40th logo, social media banner, images and press release for you to add on your own website and social media.

    We are already taking part in the following events as part of WCCE’s 40th anniversary:

    • Handicrafts Week, Kuwait in January
    • Collect in February
    • Révélations in May

    We want to add to these events and to hear from you and what you’re doing to celebrate 40 years of supporting craft. Whether it’s a festival, workshop or seminar we would be delighted to promote your event on the WCCE website and social media platforms. We will be gathering together a programme of events from all over Europe in one place where audiences, makers and artists alike can see what’s happening at home and abroad.

    Let us know about your events in 2019 by emailing Shauna at

    Please include:


    -Type of event

    -Location of event

    -Description text


    -website link (if any)

    You're invited to Révélations 2019
    The Craft Gallery at Scotland's Trade Fair