The Finnish Jewellery Art Association hereby announces the open call for the juried exhibition at the seventh international jewellery triennial KORU7. The exhibition is aimed at all professional artists or artist groups who are working as jewellery artists, as well as artists from other fields, who concentrate to create new ideologies and aesthetic views in the sense of contemporary jewellery.

The main purpose of the event is to widely present international contemporary jewellery and bring together artists, lecturers, researchers and people with an interest in contemporary jewellery to take part in the exhibition, seminar and workshops. The event will take place in Lappeenranta, Finland in October 2021. 

The exhibition will open on the 29th of October 2021 in the South Karelia Museum. As in previous years, the association aims to print an exhibition catalogue. Information about the workshops and the seminar program will be announced later.

The event is organized by the Finnish Jewellery Art Association. The association was founded in Lappeenranta in 2005. It aims to promote contemporary jewellery in Finland and to improve its recognition as an art and design form. Another goal of the association is to increase awareness about Finnish jewellery internationally. As means towards those ends the association organizes exhibitions, presentations and discussion panels and distributes information about events.

The jury for the KORU7 exhibition is composed of three members:

  • Karin Roy Andersson (SE)
    Jewellery artist and manager of the contemporary jewellery gallery Four
  • Krister Gråhn (FI)
  • Tarja Tuupanen (FI)
    Jewellery artist and chairwoman of Finnish Jewellery Art Association

More about jury here >>>

There is no overall theme for this call. The jury aims to compose an exhibition that shows contemporary jewellery in its many facets, with fresh perspectives and attitudes in today’s world, to draw together a selection of art pieces with interesting relations to each other.

Applications will be treated anonymously to make sure each applicant receives the same consideration. The jury will make their decision based on the jewellery pieces only. Each applicant can suggest 1–10 current pieces made no earlier than 2019. There are several months between the publication of the open call and the application deadline, which is meant to encourage the production of new pieces. Artists may apply with finished pieces that will be available as is for the exhibition in October. The form of an art piece is not limited, it can be wearable pieces, installation, video etc. 

The participation is free of charge, but the selected artists will be responsible for sending the pieces to Finland, which includes possible insurance and postal costs as well as customs formalities and fees. The organizer will be responsible to insure the pieces during the exhibition, as well as for the costs of sending them back to the artist.

The application should be one PDF file of max 5 MB, in landscape format and named with an alias, including all the following information:

  • 1–10  artworks that will be available for the exhibition
  • all the works should be current, with none produced before 2019
  • one artwork per page with the following information: title of the artwork (if existing), type of jewellery/artwork, year, materials, size
  • artist statement including the artist’s country of origin / country of residence and (voluntary) introduction of artworks, altogether max 2000 characters. (remember to exclude your name!)
  • abridged CV of max 1 page A4 (remember to exclude your name!)
  • if applying with a video, include a link for the jury to access the video on Youtube, Vimeo or a similar streaming platform
  • when sending the application, please write your contact details in the email message only
  • name the PDF file with an alias. The PDF should not contain your name anywhere in the file. The alias can be letters and/or numbers as long as you can not be recognised from it.
  • send the application to:

Deadline: Saturday 1 May 2021

Note: the applications will not be printed, please respect the maximum size of the file. Selected artists will be asked for printable image files from the selected pieces later. An example for the application can be found at HERE >>>

For questions please contact

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