The Student Research Bursary Scheme offers grants of up to 500 GBP to student members of the DRS. Five to seven Bursaries are available each year.


To be eligible for a DRS Student Research Bursary, you should:

   • Be a current student member of the Design Research Society;

   • Have a sponsor who is a member of the Design Research Society.

Details of the Scheme

The scheme is intended to support design research projects by DRS Student Members.  Applications to help undertake the project (e.g. funds for equipment, prototyping, accessing research subjects, data collection and analysis etc) and where an impactful publication or practical output will result, are favoured.  Co-funding is encouraged.  Applications for travel funds should contribute directly to the research.  Applications to help with social needs or support for students in developing nations to enable the project to be undertaken may be considered.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline is 24 September 2018

Conditions of Award

There are a number of conditions for successful applicants:

   • A short written report is provided once the funds have been used and        within one year following the award;

   • The DRS should be acknowledged in any output to which the bursary has contributed;

The report will receive a brief response from the DRS council and will form the basis of a summary of the research that will be added to the DRS website.

Submitting your application

Completed forms should be sent to:

Reviewing Process

Every application received will be reviewed by a panel comprising three members of the DRS council who will rank applications on the basis of: quality, value for money, and impact. The decision of the panel will be final.

Applications will be reviewed within one month of the submission deadline, with applicants being informed shortly after.

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