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OPEN CALL: Funded Opportunity for Designers and Craftspeople

World Crafts Council Europe is excited to announce that as part of an International partnership project, funded by Creative Europe, Crafting Europe is looking for 20 participants in eight countries to take part in ‘iAtelier’. iAtelier’s funded programme will create a craft/product innovation springboard by providing participants with free training, access to new tools and opportunities to network with designers, craftspeople and experts. 

Eight out of the nine project partners involved in Crafting Europe are members of World Crafts Council Europe, who successfully submitted an application together for a €1.8million project in December 2018 as part of the Creative Europe Large Co-operation programme.

Led by Design & Crafts Council Ireland, and taking place in eight countries across Europe, Crafting Europe is designed to encourage innovative forms of creation that integrate cutting-edge digital fabrication technologies into the practice of craft-making. 

The first open call deadline is for 13 March 2020 and has been launched by Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD), LIT, in partnership with Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) who are the lead partner on the project.

DEADLINE FOR IRELAND: 13 March 2020. Find out more HERE

Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD), LIT in partnership with DCCI has been named as the Irish host of iAtelier, a European funded programme aimed at aiding the adoption and use of ICT tools in craft work.


UK – Crafts Council: Deadline 22 March 2020. Apply HERE 



What is Crafting Europe?
Supported by Creative Europe, the ‘Crafting Europe’ project was inspired by the need to build capacity within the crafts sector across Europe. Led by Design & Crafts Council Ireland, it is a partnership between nine expert organisations across Europe.

The Crafting Europe project will focus on three main areas:

1. Research

2. ICT Tools

3. Business Tools

This phase of the project provides a unique opportunity for designers/makers with ambition to learn new skills, combining digital fabrication technologies with traditional skills. In particular it will encourage innovative forms of creation that integrate cutting-edge digital fabrication technologies into the practice of craft-making.

Crafting Europe will run from September 2019 to September 2022.
The Partners involved in the project are;
1. IE – Design and Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI)
2. IT – Artex
3. UK – Crafts Council (CCUK)
4. IE – Limerick Institute of Technology (IE)
6. ES – EOI-Fundesarte
7. NL – Crafts Council Netherlands (CCNL)
8. UKR – Ukraine Chamber of Crafts (AUNA)
9. GA – Georgian Arts and Culture Centre (GACC)
Each of the project partners have been selected as they bring unique knowledge and skills from their
respective territories.




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