On 5 and 6 September 2020 the Keramikpanorama 2020 will take place in Murten. The open air exhibition shows ceramics in all their diversity – from traditional handicrafts to contemporary design. Ceramists can apply from 2 December.

The Keramikpanorama is an open-air exhibition showing ceramics in all their diversity, from handicrafts to contemporary design. The event takes place every two years and pays tribute to the traditional craft, but also to the new interpretation of young designers. It offers selected designers a platform in public and promotes exchange among themselves.

On 5 and 6 September 2020, the fifth edition of the Keramikpanorama will present the works of around 100 exhibitors from Switzerland and Europe at Pantschau in Murten, Switzerland:
Everyday objects, art objects, product design and magnificent sculptures – all unique and authentic, produced in a wide variety of techniques and forms. An event with international appeal!

The motto – Please touch! – Emotions to touch
The ceramists design to evoke emotions. And what emotions! But how can this transmission only
work through the eye? Matter is a wonderful supplier of emotions. Touching is therefore decisive
for the selection of an object. It is also interesting that there is often a complementarity between
what the eye likes and what the hands like. For this reason, the next issue will focus on tactics and
the emotions conveyed by this fundamental sense. The Ceramic Panorama 2020 invites you to
approach the works in an unusual way, probably hoped for by the public, with the invitation:
“Please touch!”

Launch of the invitation to tender – 2 December 2019
In order to ensure a high quality of the event, the exhibitors are selected by a professional jury.
The following criteria will be considered: technical, expressive and creative quality. Coherence
and diversity of the overall image of the exhibition.
For this edition the jury consists of Guy Oberson, a renowned artist from the region of Fribourg,
Erika Fankhauser Schürch, an experienced ceramist, and Jérôme Blanc, woodturner, an expert with reference to the topic.

Ceramists can apply from 2 December 2019 to 30 March 2020 via the website
www.keramikpanorama.ch to take part. The selected ceramists will then be informed.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact:
Peter Fink, President Verein Keramikpanorama
Tel. +41 26 413 44 42, peter@keramikpanorama.ch

Tina Böhm, Eventmanager Keramikpanorama,
Tel +41 76 425 2340, tina@keramikpanorama.ch

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