The call is open to expert consultants and researchers to submit their proposals for conducting a comprehensive study on cross-cutting priorities for the European Craft Sector and the Creative Europe Programme.

This study seeks to address the lack of detailed data on the European craft sector’s needs, challenges and opportunities.

The aim is to provide a useful tool for our members and stakeholders to continue supporting the European crafts sector by developing targeted projects based on those opportunities and the findings of the previous 4 studies developed during the CRAFTING project.

The approach to the study is to be based on a mix of research techniques:

  • Analysis of information from bibliographic sources on the crafts sector in Europe and the EU institutions.
  • In-depth personal interviews with relevant stakeholders. 
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Others considered of interest for the report.

The deliverables will be:

  1. Analysis of the European crafts sector and the Creative Europe cross-cutting priorities, including funding opportunities and tips on how to apply for funding. 
  2. Summary of the report.
  3. Presentation in PWP file format and/or video format with the main data and conclusions of the report.

 Expert consultants/researchers will be contracted to collate and elaborate on the information described above. 

The successful bidder must carry out its tasks through a stable, multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in carrying out projects similar to the one offered and in line with the timeline described below.






The Secretariat will be supervising the implementation of the work. This will involve a series of approximately four milestone meetings: one during inception; one after the first draft of the scheme and working plan and then regular status meetings for the remaining months, when necessary.


The proposed timeline for the report is as follows (open for feedback):

  • 21 May—13 July 2024: Call for proposals
  • End July 2024: Selection process
  • August 2024: Implementation meeting
  • 16th September 2024: Delivery of draft of scheme and working plan + feedback meeting
  • September – December 2024: Implementation of survey
  • January 2025: Delivery of report
  • Till 10th February 2025: Feedback and amendments period
  • 20th March: Final report



Send an email to with the following information, before July 13th midnight:

  • Contact details of the company / organisation
  • Proposal of services including:
      1. Study design document (methodological proposal) with project planning.
      2. References of previous studies.
      3. Budget proposal.
      4. CV’s of the researcher team. 

The bid must demonstrate adequate conceptual, methodological, and technical mastery for the execution of the contract and reflect proven technical capacity to meet the work requirements and for the achievement of the objectives set.

We will inform the bidders about the results within 2-3 weeks after the submission deadline. 



The selection criteria will be based on a points system, taking into account: methodology, work plan, team and prior experience.

Applications must be able to demonstrate prior relevant experience in the successful execution and delivery of equivalent projects.

Find the full documentation HERE>> and for further information, please contact us at


We are a network representing 38 craft organisations across 23 European countries, dedicated to promoting the craft sector’s cultural, social, and economic significance. As part of the CRAFTING project, funded under the CREA-CULT-2021-NET call, the study and it’s results aim to bolster the sector’s capacity and impact.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and collaborating to advance the European craft sector.



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