The Association of Contemporary Goldsmith and Jewelery Designers aims to incorporate the ideals of composition, creativity, sensitivity and intellectual stimulation common to all the arts.

We consider that the design of goldsmiths and jewelery is an essential part of art and of the society in which it is developed, which is why a group of independent designers come together to join forces in this common goal.

M A D R I D  2 0 2 2
February 3rd – March 20th, 2022

After five consecutive exhibitions, the goal of the VI CONTEMPORARY GOLDSMITHING EXHIBITION remains to be the international diffusion and promotion of contemporary goldsmithing and jewelry design. Thus, the VI CONTEMPORARY GOLDSMITHING EXHIBITION presented by AdOC will take place at the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas of Madrid within the Madrid Design Festival, simultaneously with the Semana del Arte-ARCO.

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