A number of World Crafts Council Europe members successful on Creative Europe Application 

World Crafts Council Europe are delighted to announce that a number of its members have received funding as part of a successful ‘Creative Europe’ application. The three-year project, titled ‘Crafting Europe’, led by Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, was submitted in December 2018 as part of a Creative Europe Large Co-operation application. The total budget is €1.8 million, 50% of which is funded. World Crafts Council Europe congratulates the successful members on the application, particularly as only 19 projects were selected for funding out of the 61 eligible applications for category 2 projects. 

The project ‘Crafting Europe’ focuses on capacity building within the crafts sector across Europe. The core focus of the ‘Crafting Europe’ project aims to address systemic challenges identified through findings from surveys undertaken to assess the needs of the crafts sector across 17 European Countries.   

Specific priorities include: 

o Support transnational policy co-operation leading to policy development 

o Foster capacity building through innovative approaches through the development of skills and business models for craft professionals and representative organisations in Europe 

o Enabling people to gain new skills which will enrich their professional life and open new channels in the labour market 

The partnership is comprised as follows: 

o Design & Crafts Council Ireland (Lead Partner) 

o Artex, Italy 

o Crafts Council, UK 

o Limerick School of Art and Design, Ireland 

o Centro de formacao Profissional para o Artesanato e Patrimonio, Portugal 

Fundacíon Escuela de Organiizacíon Industrial, Spain 

o Crafts Council, Netherlands 

o Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine 

o Georgian Arts and Cultural Centre, Georgia 

Speaking about the announcement, Louise Allen, President of World Crafts Council Europe said: 

‘We are delighted that eight World Crafts Council Members have successfully worked together to attain this major funding. Part of WCC Europe’s remit is to elevate awareness and appreciation of crafts as an integral part of societies cultural, social and economic wellbeing. This project actively seeks to strengthen the status of and promote crafts as a vital part of cultural, social and economic life, through a number of our global network of members and affiliates. We look forward to seeing the impacts of this project over the next three years and beyond.’  


About World Crafts Council Europe  
World Crafts Council Europe, together with its 30 members from 20 European countries, aims to strengthen the status of craft as a vital part of cultural, social and economic life. Find out more about our organisation here: wcc-europe.org  


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