HOW & WOW – cooperazione! shows the new workshop; a master class where six designers from the Netherlands and Italy learn special craft techniques from an Italian master. They give presentations about their making processes (HOW) and show their work in a surprising context (WOW). 

Crafts Council Nederland presents HOW&WOW – cooperazione! during the Salone del Mobile 2018. In Milan’s Isola district, we show the workshop of today’s maker through a live performance. In this environment, six maker-designers from the Netherlands and from Italy will work and learn on site. CRAAFTS will give a two-day master class. The products that emerge during the week become part of the growing exhibition. In addition, the maker- designers give presentations of their work to the public every day. And, of course, we’ll also show some of their existing work. 

Visit HOW&WOW – cooperazione!
17-21 April 11.00 – 20.00
22 April 11.00 – 17.00
Via Pastrengo 13, Milan 


Exhibition “10 years of Spanish National Craft Awards”
Norwegian Presence 2018