Together with partner Dutch Design Foundation, Crafts Council Nederland has been putting the spotlight on making for years. With the inspiring group exhibition HOW&WOW from 19 until 27 October in VEEM at Strijp-S, Crafts Council Nederland presents the importance of crafts.

From wood carving to polyurethane moulding and from young maker to seasoned craftsman; HOW&WOW presents all dimensions of making. Crafts Council Nederland is the platform and expertise center that strengthens, innovates and broadens the creative craft, both in the Netherlands and internationally. They ensure a reevaluation of crafts and make them future-proof. Crafts Council Nederland do this together with a large community of maker-designers, craft professionals, museums, workplaces, companies, the government and education.

During Dutch Design Week 2019 Crafts Council Nederland highlight the meaning and power of making on the basis of five current themes:
– Innovation from tradition
– New materials and new applications of techniques
– Sustainable materials and production processes
– New future heritage & cultural identity
– Social innovation

Dutch Design Week 2019
19 – 27 oktober
VEEM, Eindhoven

Floor 2
Torenallee 80
5617 BE Eindhoven
11.00 – 18.00 hr

Almeerse Wolunie
Anna Stringer
Beatrice Waanders
Bianca Koevoets
Daan Veerman
Emma Wessel
Erik van Schaften
Erno Korpershoek
Esmé Hofman
Fleur Peters
Floor Nijdeken
Handmade Industrials
Heleen Sintobin
Hyunjee Jung
Jan Hovens
Jacqueline Jimmink
Marieke van de Ven
Marjolein Grotenhuis
Merlijne Marell
Moe Kim
Nikkie Wester
Nynke Koster
Renate Vos
Ruben van der Scheer
Saar Scheerlings
Sandra van Riet
Seungbin Yang
Sho Ota
Simón Ballen Botero
Sofie Leenen
Szu-Yi Wang
Weixiao Shen
Willemiek van Kuijlenborg
Yoon Shun
Studio ZwartFrame

HOW&WOW is an initiative of Crafts Council Nederland. They collaborate with Dutch Design Foundation.

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