Join the CRAFTS CODE partners for their fourth ITS (Interregional Thematic Seminar) on the 18th and 19th of November. This two-day seminar will take place physically in Madrid, Spain and online. The event will include presentations from craft SMEs, organisations and stakeholders in Ireland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland, Italy and Spain. These presentations will revolve around ‘good practices’ relating to the topic ‘how to access finance‘. This event will be hosted by project partner EOI Fundesarte.

See the agenda here 

Link to join the seminar on Zoom: 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 – DAY 1

Link to join the seminar on Zoom: 19TH NOVEMBER 2021 – DAY 2

The European Crafts sector is a rich and complex interwoven tapestry combining tradition, heritage, culture, skills and design. Crafts encompasses a wide range of disciplines as a mirror of the diversity of European cultural identity.

CRAFTS CODE aims to enhance the competitiveness of craft SMEs by developing a framework to stimulate policy learning and build capacity to improve the implementation of regional development policies and programmes.

The project idea is based on efforts made by the partners for the implementation of policies and projects supporting the competitiveness and the skilling up potentials of SMEs belonging to the crafts sector, in order to innovate it and mitigate the risk of disappearance of many traditional crafts and manufacturing. Crafts is a peculiar productive sector deeply linked with tradition and transmission of “knowledge”, and plays a key role as innovator in Europe’s economy and social stability, even if most SMEs are not performing R&D activities as traditionally defined. Their competitiveness depends on their capability to improve processes, products and services. 

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Seminar in Spain "Towards a NEW PARADIGM of the HISTORY of ART, DESIGN and CRAFTS"