Crafts NOW.
A day of reflection on craftsmanship and innovation.
18 November, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Online format.

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The philosophy

Crafts NOW was born from the need for reflection on the part of the artisan community. 

It is vital to establish a space for dialogue to discuss the concept of innovation in crafts from different constructive perspectives to address global problems with local solutions, share knowledge and encourage the evolution of the whole craft practice. This leads us to establish what use is made of the resources of the territory and the creation of new materials or the use of materials that until now were nothing more than a rejection of human creation itself.

The use of local materials for creation is a historical constant in the creative world, where close referents have always had a relevant weight. But what happens if we use material relocated from the territories, which destroys us and makes us destructive? Through him, do we become builders? 

This is the case of plastic, a material that does not belong anywhere, but is everywhere; that no territory feels its own, but that it is already part of our past, present and future. A material that we share and know all over the planet, and for which it is more necessary than ever to put on the table the debate on the innovation of materials, the tools to treat them, the processes to manipulate them and the environmental impact, both of its creation as of its treatment. 

On November 18, 2020 , as part of the programming of the fourteenth edition of Barcelona Design Week, in “Crafts Now” we want to open this complex debate in an online conference on innovation in crafts. 

We will analyze with different professionals how the sharing of knowledge encourages the evolution of the craft; how innovation allows us to find local solutions to global problems and, at the same time, conditions the bosom of artisan practice itself and becomes a turning point that has tirelessly updated it over the years. Because the new craft transcends disciplinary boundaries and places us in a landscape where research, inquiry and innovation are key to future growth. 

We put on the table change, evolution, transversality and interconnectivity.

The organization

Activity organized by the Generalitat de Catalunya through Artesania Catalunya, with the curation of the Association of Artists and Artisans of the FAD (A-FAD) and the support of the Federation of Associations of Craftsmen of Catalonia (FAAOC) . 

This activity is part of the #Talent_jove 2019-2022 Program promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya through Artesania Catalunya, a program that aims to provide tools to the group and which includes different actions to promote emerging talent and of the generational handover in handicrafts.


10:00 Welcome by Oscar Tomico, presenter, and institutional greetings. 

10:30 h Presentation of the project “Revivir, weaving ground” by Laura Badia . 

10:45 am First lecture by Mattia Bernini , representative of Precious Plastic. 

11:30 am Second lecture by Micaella Pedros on the project “Joining Bottles”. 

12:30 h Round table. 

13:00 Closing of the day.

The speakers

Laura Badia

Designer of spaces and interiors.

More than a designer, she is a person who survives the present just as we all do, but in different conditions. 

He wants to be at the scene instead of living them at a distance. Hence her vocation to build a future away from inequalities and motivated by the struggle of an inclusive society, being herself nurtured in the first person and provides a point of view from within. 

He launched a leisure project to help young Sahrawis in the refugee camps of Tindouf, Algeria. In 2017 and 2019 he moved there on several occasions to get to know society in depth. He founded SAHARA DEMPEUS, a youth organization whose goal is to contribute to the freedom of the Sahrawi people through activism in the streets and networks. All this has taken him to where he is now. She is facing a struggle that she has wanted to reflect on in her final degree project, contributing her point of view as a non-conformist interior designer. 

Mattia Bernini

Responsible for the design and strategy of Precious Plastic. 

Mattia Bernini is an interaction designer who has dedicated his professional (and also personal) life to designing and developing the Precious Plastic project, from a modest initiative to what it is now: the place of reference in the world. time to recycle plastics.

Micaella Pedros

Artist and product designer who works on the themes of self-expression, empowerment and culture. 

Through design it seeks to reveal the creative potential of both local resources and the force of nature from transparent objects and technologies and at hand, so that the result of the design process is not a consumer-driven object, but a genuine tool for creation and empowerment. 

His work is a direct response to an inner emptiness, a self-questioning and the true joy of discovering new possibilities. He understands each project as a manifesto and a way to transfer more elasticity to the field of mind.

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