The European Artistic Crafts Days are back in 2023, from the 27th of March to the 2nd of April.

Without our realising it, artistic crafts and living heritage are all around us, at the heart of our daily lives and habits. At the centre of towns and landscapes they helped to forge, they create works that are part of our immediate horizon. On the paving stones we walk on, on the street names we read, in the decoration we dream of and in the ornaments we adorn ourselves with, artistic crafts mingle and intertwine, omnipresent and discreet creators of the decor we inhabit.

Actors of the heritage, of the tangible and of the imperceptible evolution of aesthetic trends, artistic crafts and living heritage professionals magnify and reinvent day after day ancestral techniques in order to offer them to the greatest number of people. Elevating materials within the workshops, they poetize reality into objects that enrich our lives. These professionals, working under our eyes, must be recognised for what they are: invaluable, full of life, within reach.

Opening the door of the workshop and discovering the day of the professional is immersing oneself in an extraordinary world, but it is also and above all to understand the closeness and the gentle simplicity of a rich and shimmering heritage. It is to meet authentic personalities, to look at their tools, to touch their ideas and their creativity. Privileged moment of sharing and openness, this discovery is a source of wonder and new perspectives for everyone.

The European Artistic Crafts Days consist of :
– Workshop openings
– Exhibitions with one or more craftspeople
– Marketplaces with know-how demonstrations
– Discovery classes
– Open doors at a professional school, to present training programs to potential future students
– Behind the scene in museums, theaters, or any cultural institutions linked to artistic crafts (showing the renovation work, the costumes departments, the wood working of the furniture, the gilding, etc.)
– “Exceptional Rendezvous” in renowned / prestigious / patrimonial places, usually not or very rarely open to the public

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