From the Community of Firenze Creativa in 2019 to Firenze Creativa Shop now: a new marketplace devoted to Florentine craft is born and the pilot phase is launched to create an alternative shopping channel for Christmas 2020. Firenze Creativa Shop is an online space made by a partnership between the Municipality of Florence, Artex, and MIP Murate Idea Park, in collaboration with the newborn start-up Vudoo and its technology.

The project is developed in a period in which artistic craftsmanship is suffering the devastating effects of the global economic crisis linked to the Coronavirus. Through the opening of easy-to-create customized online spaces for artisans, and thanks to the acquisition of products through a simple photo taken with a smartphone, the portal is an intuitive tool, sewed on artisans’ needs. The ease of portfolio management, order management and shipment system through drop shipping, low commissions, and shipments insured by platform managers are some of the portal’s advantages.

With Firenze Creativa Shop, technological innovation is at the service of the traditional artistic crafts sector, and there is a combination of e-commerce and the guarantee of organized logistics. The invitation to the city is just that: for this Christmas let’s turn to the local shops that are going through a very difficult period. Under the tree, we will have quality products, and we will also help our artisans. The pilot project sees the involvement of a small group of early adopters among the artisans of Officina Creativa, at the Vecchio Conventino, and aims to expand to the entire community of artisans in Florence.

For more information: Firenze Creativa

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