March issue #26 Objecthood

22 March 2022 – LAUNCH OF THE ISSUE #26


Garland continues its second journey along pathways that connect the hierarchies defining our world. In this issue, they share stories that rediscover the value of the object in an increasingly abstract world.

The recent emergence of the Metaverse and NFTs have brought into question the value of the real-life object (RLO). Indeed, objects can be a problem. They are fragile, take up space, instil greed and are limited to one place at a time.  
But are these qualities all drawbacks? The stories in Grland’s new issue help us consider the enduring value of objects. Maybe their limitations are actually their virtues. Fragility evokes care. Singularity grants aura.  
This detour into the virtual may indeed be a useful journey to refresh our appreciation of the physical things that connect us. Along the way, we may also discover new ways of “owning” objects. Objects could have patrons or collective owners.  

The thinker-maker for this issue Abdullah M.I. Syed shares his experience of minting an NFT as an artwork. He attempts to represent the lota as a quintessential everyday object in Pakistan. Garland will follow the fate of his NFT during this issue.

Enjoy poignant stories of objects as containers of memory and beautiful writing by potters. This issue is dedicated to a pioneering Pakistani potter, Mohammed Nawaz.

The pathfinders for this issue were Abdullah M.I. Syed, Bic Tieu, Bin Dixon-Ward, Grace Pundyk, Jin Ah Joh, Kirstie Murdoch, Michaela Pegum, Rye, Sally Gray, Sun Woong Bahng and Yu-Fang Chi.

This issue is supported by a project grant from the Australia Council of the Arts. 


Into the ether and back

Writing in clay

Memory stores

Making at large

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