World Crafts Council Europe is pleased to welcome a new member to our network: the Azores Crafts and Design Center [Centro de Artesanato e Design dos Açores (CADA)]

The center is the executive service of the Regional Government responsible for implementing the regional policies for the development and valorisation of Azorean handicrafts. These policies include the certification of traditional handicraft products, the recognition of craft production units, the implementation of professional training, and the coordination of multifunctional initiatives that promote the Azorean-certified handicraft.

CADA develops a consistent and diverse annual plan, acting on four areas that are considered fundamental: Research/Certification, Training, Artisan Financial Support, and Promotion. This executive service works incessantly for the qualification of artisans and for the quality of artisanal products, helping to develop handicraft micro businesses. The development of these areas includes recognizing craft production units, certificating traditional handicraft products, editing publications, organizing exhibitions, promoting workshops and training activities, providing support to the artisans, namely through the incentive system SIDART, and creative guidance in the production of innovative handicraft products, different production lines, as well as support in product promotion, to improve the quality of the handicrafts and promote the brand “Artesanato dos Açores” (Azores Handicraft).

To promote the sustainable development of craft activity within the regional economy, the Regional Government of the Azores implemented in 2012 the Incentive System for the Development of Handicrafts (SIDART), which grants non-refundable subsidies to people who individually or in partnership, with or without a commercial nature, develop a craft activity, and Craftsmen Associations that promote craft activities. Under the scope of SIDART projects in the following areas are eligible for financial support: training; participation in fairs and exhibitions; investment in craft production units; qualification and innovation of the craft product.

In addition to supporting economic development, the Azores Crafts and Design Center is also responsible for the certification of artisanal products with increased cultural value, traditionally manufactured in the region. The collective brand for the certification “Artesanato dos Açores” (Azores Handicraft) was created in 1998 and has already certified 23 products.

A very warm welcome to the WCCE network!




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