“Open Crafts”, the mobile app to discover every corner of Spain through its crafts

Open Crafts” is a mobile application that has been developed by Oficio y Arte (Organization of artisans of Spain) and supported by Fundesarte. It allows real-time location of workshops and points of interest related to crafts throughout the Spanish territory. This free tool offers the traveller the opportunity to get closer to the culture of each region, opening the door to avant-garde craftsmanship and exclusivity.

The public can get to know craft workshops, discover their secrets, understand the production processes and even purchase their products. To do this, the app makes available their contact information, social networks, images, etc. Among the points of craft interest are museums, craft centres, craft fairs, etc.

The app also includes augmented reality functionality so that any user can lift their mobile and look around through the screen to get information and see where these spaces are located. In each location tag there are images available that can be shared by email. The route can also be traced from the place where the application is consulted to each of the points of interest. Besides, with its new data management system, it is possible to access the basic information of the application in places where the internet connection may be less accessible.

“Open Crafts” opens the doors of craft spaces to the public and brings the characteristics of its products closer to the consumer, such as their exclusivity, the sustainability of its production processes, its innovative and contemporary designs and the essence of its artistic expression, which make them exclusive gifts full of meaning and beauty. The app is available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android mobile devices in both languages, English and Spanish. 

Make the most of this summer to discover Spanish avant-garde craftsmanship through this new app! 

More information and downloads at www.talleresabierto.oficioyarte.org   

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