Following a series of WCC International and British Council virtual seminars on contemporary craft issues held in December 2020, a further series of practical workshops on related themes is running August to September 2021. Devised by Rosy Greenlees, former WCC International President and Dr  Joseph Lo the workshops draw on feedback from the seminar participants on areas where further supported was identified. 

These events are open to WCC members, WCC Craft Cities, craft organisations, British Council Making Futures partners from across the globe. With a panel of international workshop leaders each session will be an opportunity for participants to understand and practically apply their learning. Each seminar will take place 12.00– 14.30 British Summer Time with the programme will run over 1-3 days. Seminars will be conducted in English but options for translation may be available on booking. 

To book please follow the links below or via the WCC Eventbrite homepage: 

Stewardship of the craft sector                                                                 
12.00-14.30 Monday 2 to Tuesday 3 August

It is imperative for the crafts sector to be embedded into the wider community as a tool for building  assets and contributing to its well-being. As a result, the stewardship of the crafts sector is not only the practitioners but rather the entire community. The workshop will explore what role the crafts sector can play in developing and promoting the well-being of the community and how. 

Data and Statistics               
12.00-14.30 Monday 9 to Tuesday 10 August 

Data and statistics on the crafts sector are in great demand and yet are rarely published. National statistics and surveys often embed a wealth of information that is related to crafts; it is only a matter  of knowing where to look. This workshop will provide the tools to find and use that data. 

Sustainability and the Circular Economy     
2.00-14.30 Monday 16 August 

Post the pandemic another crisis is looming on the horizon – climate change. One means to mitigate  against climate change is to employ the principle of circular economy. This workshop is an introduction to the principles of circular economy and to provide practical tools to practice it. 

Protecting and Branding of Craft Regions     
12.00 – 14.30 Monday 23 to Wednesday 25 August 

This workshop aims to build resilience and enable organisations to protect their craft products while     strengthening their brand. It will introduce the application of tools of protection and branding; and assist participants in using the most appropriate to protect and brand their craft products. 

Digitisation and Virtualisation     
12.00-14.30 Wednesday 1, Thursday 2, Friday 3 September 

The virtual world is here to stay and offers the opportunity to reach greater audiences and new forms of expression. Participants will be introduced to content and techniques to best digitalise and virtualise crafts; e-marketing and promotion; and how to protect against e-risks. 

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