JOYA Barcelona has a new title: Contemporania High Craftsmanship. Organised by Le Département Interiors S.L and the Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM), this exciting new fair will present both national and international contemporary crafts in the historical space of the Palau Pedralbes in Barcelona from 28-30 September 2023.

In honour of this first edition, WCCE will be participating in two formats. Firstly, by presenting a selection of 11 exceptional makers from across Europe in the format of an exhibition in the Palau Pedralbes. Secondly during the III Professional Congress of Crafts on 29 September 2023, with a presentation of the results of the recently commissioned study into the European Market for Crafts.



The Contemporania fair will highlight more than 350 artists over three days, presenting a curated selection of 130 artists represented by international institutions, galleries, collectives as well as independently. Furthermore, over 240 artists will take part at OFF Circuit exhibitions around Barcelona during the time of the fair. The innovation and artistic vision of contemporary craftsmanship will be evident in a range of applied mediums such as ceramics, art jewellery, lacquer, metal, textiles, glass, paper and wood.

During this occasion, WCCE will be telling a story of contemporary European crafts through a special exhibition section at Palau Pedralbes. The showcase will present works by 11 artists from different European countries, who were chosen via an open call during Spring. The selection was based on the maker’s demonstration of an exceptional level of craftsmanship and creativity complementing the current moment and the values of the 2023 European Year of Skills.

The featured artists’ work are produced in techniques ranging from ceramics, basketry, textile, tapestry to woodwork and glass blowing,
The selected makers include: Caroline Harrius (Sweden), Esmé Hofman (The Netherlands), Melissa Sammalvaara (Finland), Noemi Iglesias (Spain), Yuliia Yalanzhy (Ukraine), Zoe Hillyard (United Kingdom), Claudia Biehne (Germany), Cristina Mariani (Italy), Baptiste Meyniel (France), Joao Manardu (Portugal) and Yukiko Kitahra (Spain).

Read more about the selected pieces here.

The entrance to Contemporania is free, however for security reasons visitors should register here:



As part of the event, III Professional Congress of Crafts, WCCE we will unveil the findings of the recently completed study: The European Market For Crafts, commissioned under the WCCE Creative Europe project CRAFTING, co-funded by the EU. The study was conducted by research and trends consultancy, Ohayō. The study report will be made available to the public after the congress has concluded and published on the WCCE website.

During the Congress in Barcelona, on 29 September 2023 the lead researcher, Rosa Muñoz, will present the findings and summary about the current state of the market for crafts in Europe. This study is the first in a series of 5 which will be conducted over the coming two years under the CRAFTING project.

More about III Professional Congress of Crafts:

The WCCE exhibition and congress presentation during Contemporania is part of the Creative Europe EU co-funded project “CRAFTING”.


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